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Online Banking is a safe, simple and secure way to manage your accounts using a personal computer whenever it is convenient. You have access to your Premier Bank accounts 24 hours a day 7 days a week. It allows you to conduct a variety of banking functions FREE. Apply today for convenient, secure Online Banking with Premier Bank. With your enrollment you will receive an Online Banking Access ID and password in the mail and begin enjoying the benefits and features of www.epremierbank.com.

  • Check account balances
  • Review account activity
  • View check images
  • Print account statements
  • Transfer funds between accounts at Premier Bank
  • View Shazam card transactions
  • Make a loan payment
  • Schedule transactions to occur automatically
  • Update your user information
  • Access useful links to other sites



How do I sign up for Online Banking?
Sign up for Online Banking by accessing www.epremierbank.com. Click on "Enroll" on the right-hand side of our homepage. Fill out the information requested and click submit. You will receive two separate "Enrollment Notifications" in the mail. One will have your Access ID and the other will have your Password. Upon receipt, use this information to log into Online Banking. The first time you log in, you will be asked to change your Access ID and password. Your Access ID must be 6 to 16 characters and is case sensitive. Your password which must be 6 to 16 characters is also case sensitive and alphanumeric, meaning that it must include both numbers and letters. If you have questions, call 712-476-9100.

What do you need to access Online Banking?
You need a computer, modem, Internet access and an Internet browser. To experience the full functionality of our Online Banking site, you MUST be using Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5 or higher, Netscape Navigator 4.08 or higher or Netscape Communicator 7.01 or higher. Older versions of these browsers may not be compatible with the online banking system. You will receive a message saying that your browser does not meet our specific security protocols. You will then need to download a newer version of one of these browsers. To download the newest version of these browsers visit the sites for Netscape or Internet Explorer. Once you have completed the download and installation of the recommended browser, you can return to the home page and log in to Online Banking.

In addition to compatible software, you must have an Online Banking Access ID, a Password and maintain an account at Premier Bank. You can sign up for Online Banking by visiting one of our branch locations or by completing and submitting the online application.

Is Online Banking secure?
Yes, Premier Bank has security features and requirements (which include your Access ID and Password) to provide you with peace of mind when you access your account information. To ensure your own privacy, log off Online Banking whenever you leave your computer. Also, choose your password carefully. Do not tell anyone your password and change it if you suspect someone knows it. To help protect your privacy, if you’re called away from your computer while you’re signed in, you will be signed off after 30 minutes of inactivity.

To maintain safe levels of security:

  • Never reveal your Access ID or password to anyone
    (Premier Bank employees will never ask or need to know your Access ID or password)
  • Change your password frequently using the change password function
  • Always log off Online Banking before leaving your computer
  • Always log off Online Banking before accessing other websites
What if my Access ID and Password do not seem to work?
You may want to check the status of you CAPS lock. Passwords and Access ID’s are case sensitive. Make sure you are using the correct password, you are allowed three attempts to log in successfully. If you failed after three attempts you will be locked out of your account for 30 minutes, then you will be given three more attempts before being locked out permanently. If you are unsure of your password, contact the bank at (712)476-9100 to reset your password.

If you have not used your Online Banking account within the last 13 months, your account may have been deleted from the system because you were considered inactive. To prevent this from happening, make sure that you log into Online Banking at least once a month.

Is there online help available?
Yes, should you require additional assistance; Online Help is your best solution. It’s convenient, simple to understand, and structured in a format that enables you to find the information you need quickly. Help is available upon a successful log in to Online Banking by clicking the Help button at the top of your Online Banking page. Help is divided into three parts, Contents, Index, and Search.

What is the difference between an express transfer and a scheduled (recurring) transfer?
- An Express Transfer can be performed from any page in Online Banking, and is a single and immediate transfer of funds from any one account to another; the debit and credit will occur on the same business day.
- A Scheduled (Recurring) Transfer is a repeated transfer of funds over a designated period of time. For example, you can schedule a recurring transfer weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually. The debit occurs on the day the transfer is scheduled and the credit occurs on the following business day as a backdated transaction.

Can the joint member on my account use Online Banking?
The joint accountholder can access the account online; however they will have to submit an application so we may assign them their own Access ID and Password.

How do I sign off Online Banking?
For maximum security, we recommend that you sign off each time you are finished using Online Banking. To sign off, just click on the log off button. If you forget to do so, the “time out” feature will automatically sign you off after 30 minutes.

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